Statistical Atlas of the United States (1880)

Nuts and Bolts

Published in 1889

Edited by Henry Gannett

147 plates in total

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The Tale of Henry Gannett

Henry Gannett put this thing together, and he was incredible.

He founded the National Geographic Society, had an awesome beard, and was once electrocuted by a mountain.

Blog posts

That Will Be Chicago Dollars, Please

In 1864 the per-pound price of cotton was $Chicago, up from $0.10 in 1860. The fluctuation of cotton prices has always been a wild ride, but man, the Civil War sure did a number on the market. read more

Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire?

OK, let’s be frank here, I have no idea what retrospect means. My favorite part of this plate is the triple-overlapping bar graphs. read more

U.S. Almost-States: Sequoyah

Despite the fact that Oklahoma’s wedged between plenty of other states, it didn’t gain statehood until 1907. Before that? “Indian Territory.” read more

Railroads! (ish)

Okay, so it’s called Railway, but it’s actually railways, canals, and wagon roads. Wagon roads! Who doesn’t need a wagon road? read more


This map is showing how the colored population from around the worl...

from Juan Carreon Christian WIlliams Ricardo Garcia on Population (Colored Population)

Sadly, Washington DC was not a hotbed of cheese production in 1880.

from Jen on Live Stock and Products (Cheese)

Does NY still grow so many hops?

from Jen on Agriculture (Hops)

Check out the insanity of this Civil War induced spike in cotton pr...

from Jen on Manufactures (Specific Cotton Goods)

I'm mildly obsessed with how much tobacco was grown in Western Mass...

from JEN on Agriculture (Tobacco)

I love the lapping bar graphs - I wonder if they're in use anywhere...

from Jen on Progress (Growth of States by Populat...

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