The Amazing and Incredible

Statistical Atlases

of the

United States of America

compiled in the final decades of

The Nineteenth Century

What's the story?

After the Civil War, the US doubled down on the Census, cranking out stunning maps, charts, and graphs.

About what?

Literally everything. Liquor, lumber, Methodists, malaria, insanity, Irishmen: everything!

Not Your Grandfather's Data Visualizations

Probably your great-great-grandfather's, though. But frankly: they're all awesome and modern.

Everything from wild maps to small multiples and choropleths. And plenty of pie charts.


Chinese in America

In 1848, there were only 325 Chinese immigrants in America. By 1880, there were 300,000, making up ten percent of the population of California! check it out

Treemaps and Bar Graphs Bear Child, Terrify Neighborhood

First, these are great because they look like fabric swatches for woolen socks. check it out


That Will Be Chicago Dollars, Please

In 1864 the per-pound price of cotton was $Chicago, up from $0.10 in 1860. The fluctuation of cotton prices has always been a wild ride, but man, the Civil War sure did a number on the market. check it out

Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire?

OK, let’s be frank here, I have no idea what retrospect means. My favorite part of this plate is the triple-overlapping bar graphs. check it out


Code Imitating Art

It’s all well and good to love visualizations from the past, but it’s another thing to bring them into the present. With the Ultimate Power of the Web! (and I’m not talking about A Handsome Atlas, either.) check it out

Lapping Bar Graphs

What at first glance seems like a normal bar graph is in fact the Regional High School Champion of Bar Graph City. The bars for Nevada and Arizona reach the rightmost end of the chart, turn around, and start going back to the left! check it out